Turkey Cooking Tips

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Are you in charge of cooking the Thanksgiving Turkey this year? Here are a few reminders for all the chefs out there.Buying the Right Size Bird 

It actually depends on how many people you are serving. Smaller turkeys will have less meat and more bone in comparison to their larger counterparts. If you're cooking a bird that's less than 12 lbs., you should plan for 2 lbs. per serving. Anything larger, you can plan on 1½ lbs., per person. 

Pro Tip: The turkey may be the star of the Thanksgiving meal, but lots of side options can mean your guests may opt for less meat. Take this into account when selecting your bird. 

The Great Stuffing vs. Dressing Debate 

Different regions of the country are at odds with the correct terminology to use for this delicious dish that essential to every Thanksgiving meal. Outside of the Southern United States, it's dressing if it's cooked outside of the turkey, and stuffing if it's cooked inside. 

Regardless of your naming preference, you'll want to keep one important thing in mind. If you're cooking your stuffing/dressing inside the turkey, you need to make sure to bring the internal temperature (center of the stuffing) to at least 165°F. 

Pro Tip: If you're committed to cooking the traditional ‘stuffing' inside the turkey, plan on bringing it to full temperature outside of the bird after your meat has reached the right temperature. Waiting until the stuffing reaches the correct temperature can dry out your breast meat, and nobody wants that.
I wish you all the best with your turkey cooking this year. Happy Thanksgiving!

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